3 Responses to “Competency Certification & Credit for Prior Learning Team Announced!”

  1. Michael Patrick Flynn

    I have talked to Dr. Page, (MSU department head Eductnl Studies: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms) about a Special teaching certification for Bachelors’ holders, like teach for America. it is almost impossible for someone who works FULL-TIME to get a teaching certificate. Some with a bachelors and work experience should be able to earn while doing the required 480 hours of student teaching.
    I asked Dr. Page about teach for America, if he would consider the wisdom of having experienced people becoming teachers especially with such a shortage of teachers. Finding a way to overcome negative problems with “Teach for America”, an MSU version that addresses those issues. His primary objection was the teacher certification. He said if they did this they would lose their accreditation. I asked why they could not go to the board with a similar request made by Teach for America, I am not talking about letting a 22-year-old with a bachelors, I am talking about people who have been around. I have taught in the Army, the Air Force, the Fire Department at GM and I also taught at Church and as a Safety advisor.

    I am asking you to help me with not-traditional students who can be valuable and COMPETENT teachers.

    • Mary Jacobson

      Thank you for the comment, Michael. I will pass this along to the Academic Planning and Collaboration team.

    • Mary Jacobson

      Also shared with the Competency Certification and Credit for Prior Learning Team.