Assistance from McKinsey

To quickly and successfully implement our Charting the Future strategic plan, we required the assistance of an experienced management consulting firm to help us design a process that would:

  • empower the implementation teams
  • genuinely engage students, faculty, and staff
  • bring the research-based experience from other change efforts to our planning
  • prepare teams of colleagues who would support the work of the implementation teams.

After initiating a competitive Request for Proposal process, we awarded the $2 million single project contract on March 14, 2014, with the funds from system office budget balances. No money from colleges, universities, or student tuition was used. McKinsey was selected because they have tremendous experience in coaching complex organizations to genuinely engage people in large-scale change efforts – in both public and private sector organizations – in ways that ensure success. They played an essential role in organizational development, research, facilitation, and skill building that helped us accelerate implementation.

We recognize that $2 million is a significant expenditure. However, we now have ten teams (eight implementation teams, steering committee and organizational capability team) of engaged students, faculty, staff, and campus leaders in place. Simply put, this would have been impossible to accomplish on a statewide basis, in this amount of time, without outside assistance.