Sept. 10 Meeting Highlights, Diversity Implementation team

The following are highlights from the meeting Sept. 10, 2014 meeting of the Diversity Implementation team:

  • Diversity Team has determined top four strategies to share during the Gallery Walks this fall
  • Diversity Team will spend next 2-3 weeks refining the wording and developing the poster content
  • Diversity Team feels that it is a priority for us to make recommendations that will have the greatest impact, even if they are difficult to implement

Sept. 10 Synthesis: Meeting Synthesis 9-10-14

2 Responses to “Sept. 10 Meeting Highlights, Diversity Implementation team”

  1. Andria B.

    First of all, thank you for all the work that you have done. I would like to add my comment that I understand you need to narrow things down a bit, but I feel strongly about keeping the connection to k-12/secondary schools as part of the plan moving forward. We have so many students that are entering college underprepared. Success rates of students starting out in developmental level reading and math is beyond low at this point. It is wonderful that ABE has also been discussed in this planning. These two pieces should continue to be discussed. Along with these topics comes cut scores. We have a number of programs on our campus that allows any student, no matter what their accuplacer score to take courses that may be way above their current reading level. In one way, this seems okay because we are providing open access, but in the end, this harms the students. If they end up not doing well, which often times occurs, they get off to a bad start here, making it difficult to get that GPA back up and ultimately results and them being suspended. With all the talk about retention, we need to be sure 1) students are taking classes they are ready for 2) if we are allowing students to take classes (with no cut score needed), we need to be sure we have the appropriate supports for these students. We have had a high number of cuts in staffing and cannot afford to have anymore support staff cut if we continue to have a higher number of under-prepared students being admitted to our college.

    • Mary Jacobson

      Thanks for this comment! We will make sure to get this to the Diversity team.