Sept. 3 Meeting Highlights, Diversity Implementation team

The following are highlights from the meeting Sept. 3, 2014 meeting of the Diversity Implementation team:

“After their meeting on 7/16, the Diversity Team split into three workgroups: Pedagogy and Human Resources/Employee Development, Community Relationships, and Partnerships with K-12 and other secondary education programs.  The team spent the rest of July and August in their work groups, researching promising practices.  They  brought their ideas back to the team for review and discussion during the 9/3 meeting.  After discussion, the team was able to narrow down their ideas into several categories, including but not limited to:

  • System-wide/System-level initiatives
  • Campus initiatives
  • Human Resources, Affirmative Action and Title IX
  • Curriculum Development
  • Faculty and Staff Development
  • Diversity Mapping and Climate Surveys
  • Teacher Preparation
  • Financial Aid/Affordability Strategies

The next step for the Diversity Team members is to complete a survey, in which they rank the categories in terms of impact and feasibility.  The results of the survey will be shared during the in-person meeting on 9/10 and will set a baseline for discussion to determine the top four strategies to move forward.”