A Letter from the Presidents of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Across our nation, more than any other time in our history, colleges and universities are facing tremendously complex challenges that hold no easy answers.  We are being called to be more accessible, to prepare our graduates for success in a global world, and to ensure that higher education remains a wise investment in the future.

Through Charting the Future, we are taking proactive steps to meet the changing needs of our students, our stakeholders, and our communities.  This unprecedented collaborative effort provides us an opportunity to build on those things we do best, to identify areas for improvement and redesign, and to reconnect with the needs of our stakeholders.

Charting the Future implementation teams (comprised of students, faculty, and staff from across the Minnesota State Colleges and University system) have been working together since last spring to identify strategies to increase the success of all learners, to develop a collaborative and coordinated academic planning process, to certify student competencies and capabilities, to use innovative technologies in the classroom and in serving students, to provide new and more comprehensive models to discover workforce solutions, and to reward collaboration and drive greater efficiencies across our institutions.  The work of these teams will be featured in the campus Gallery Walks that begin this week and will continue in the spring semester.  We encourage you to participate in the Gallery Walks and become engaged in the work of the implementation teams.

We, the presidents of the MnSCU colleges and universities, are united in our enthusiasm for and pride in the work to-date on Charting the Future.  The collaborative effort of the students, faculty and staff at our colleges and universities shows in the progress that’s been made and the plans moving forward.  We stand ready for what’s next, with a keen eye toward student success and institutional excellence.




Minnesota State College & University Presidents

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