Nov. 7 Meeting Highlights from the System Incentives & Rewards Team

The following are meeting highlights from the Nov. 7 meeting of System Incentives and Rewards Team:

  1. Team discussed the importance of beginning/continuing conversations with the other teams and with other groups to coordinate efforts and increase understanding of current realities.
  2. Team discussed the Gallery Walk experiences thus far, and reiterated the importance of having access to all follow up data, in its purest form.
  3. Team reviewed all materials to date (including Gallery Walk materials from other teams) and generated a list of items to
    1. Make sure we DON’T LOSE
    2. Need to DISCUSS MORE
    3. Need to LEARN MORE

Nov. 7 Agenda: SIR_Agenda_Mtg9_11-7-14     Nov. 7 Synthesis: System Incentives and Rewards Team_Nov7