Sept. 4 Meeting Highlights from the Comprehensive Workplace Solutions Team

The following are highlights from the Sept. 4 Comprehensive Workplace Solutions team meeting:

  • Continued conversation about interest in making CWS what the words describe, a more comprehensive model of workplace solutions
  • Review of individual responses to the team assessment prompted agreement that an “executive summary” of the individual comments would be sent to the core organizational capacity team.
  • In small groups, completed worksheets on the opportunities, issues and possible strategies we have gleaned from the listening sessions held to date which will be compiled for September 17 meeting along with a worksheet on other solutions to be considered in future agendas.
  • Discussion on the expectations of the “Gallery Walk” was held with team members encouraged to review the “Gallery Walk Handbook” posted on SharePoint.
  • Team members are very interested in posing specific questions to MnSCU constituents through the Gallery Walk in order to gather feedback about the scope of CWS.

Sept. 4 Agenda: CWS Meeting Agenda – 09 04 2014     Sept. 4 Synthesis: CWS Meeting Synthesis 09_04_14