Updates from the Charting the Future All-Team Summit

FINAL UPDATE: Friday, Feb. 20 at 1 p.m.

Braving the slick roads, we wrapped up the second day of the Summit.  Attendees spent time in the morning brainstorming ideas and suggestions for engaging students, faculty, and staff from all of our campuses.  Teams spent the remainder of the morning working in their teams.  We closed the Summit with report outs from all teams on lessons learned and take-aways.  Comments gathered over lunch:

Made good connections with other teams and met new people from other campuses.

Enjoyed being able to talk with different groups of people.

Saw the common connections between teams – this is about our students and our campuses.

There is a lot of work to be done, but energized – just do it!

CTF Summit Day 2

Thank you to everyone and safe travels home.

SECOND UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 19 at 2 p.m.

This morning, the eight implementation teams had the opportunity to take part in a roaming exercise designed to give teams an opportunity to learn more about each team’s work and engage in question and answer sessions. Each team had up to two representatives positioned at a home table while everyone else moved from team to team to engage in discussion. At the conclusion of this exercise, the individual(s) assigned to sit at their teams home table was asked to identify the top three things they heard from participants. The results of that exercise are as follows:



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. How do we judge “soft” ROI? There are projects and activities that may not return dollars to the campus, but are important to the work we do.

  2. How do we access credit for prior learning or competency based education to incentivize employee and employers to bring students back to the college as life-long learners?

  3. How do we make access to our colleges easier for employers to engage or students and services?



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. There was great support for replacing ISRS.

  2. There was great support for a common identity.

  3. What might the legal issues be for common identity?



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. Open Educational Resources should be more engaging

  2. Consider adding adaptive learning; share best practices across the system.

  3. Allow devices to link to a one-stop area with resources and tools aggregated.


Competency Certification & Credit for Prior Learning

Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. Transcript information



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. More cross-collaboration with other implementation teams

  2. Define top three measurements for success

  3. MnSCU measurement of success vs. individual student definition of success – consider redefining



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. How to integrate competency in regard to credit for transfer.

  2. How to create create measurements, incentives and rewards for institutions.

  3. Student success and the importance of advising related to transfer.



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. Emphasize diversity and inclusion.

  2. How does the work of diversity offset the achievement gap?

  3. Clarify the the Chief Diversity Office recommendation and how that role might look on campuses.

  4. Faculty and staff development in cultural competency.



Top Three Pieces of Feedback

  1. Clearly identify what work beyond enrollment will be rewarded and how it will be rewarded.

  2. Identify possibilities for funding innovation and incentives and/or make an investment in supporting innovation.

  3. Remove obstacles for leveraging in-system resources (ie. renting space from one another, etc.) and/or embarking on joint ventures.


FIRST UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 19 at 11:30 a.m.

Good morning!

We will be posting updates on this post throughout the Charting the Future Summit, which is underway today (Thursday, Feb. 19) through tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 20) at Anoka Technical College. A huge thank you to all the planning team and all of our implementation teams for making this possible and doing the work of Charting the Future

Check out some of the tweets and photos from this morning!