Presentations by Dr. Adrianna Kezar on Leading Collaboration and Change now available

In support of our colleges and universities and the work of Charting the Future, the Spring ASA Leadership Conference provided an opportunity to hear from Dr. Adrianna Kezar, Professor of Higher Education at the University of Southern California. Dr. Kezar has published and presented extensively on leading collaboration and change in higher education. For more information on Dr. Kezar, please access her page on the USC website. The following are links to the videos and materials for Adrianna’s plenary address and the preconference workshop which you are encouraged to share and discuss with colleagues.

The ASA conference plenary address from Dr. Kezar on Creating Meaningful and Lasting Collaborations in Higher Education.

The three video segments from the workshop on Creating Readiness for Change along with the corresponding presentation and the change readiness tool that supports Part 5.

Creating readiness for change PowerPoint presentation

Video for Part 1 Institutionalizing change and Part 2 Deep or cultural change

Video for Part 3 Shared leadership for change and Part 4 Multi-frame Leadership

Video for Part 5 Readiness for change and inventory

Change readiness tool