Change Leadership Workshop – August 4 – 5

On August 4 Р5, over 170 students, faculty, and staff for across our colleges and universities participated in a two day change leadership workshop. Leadership of all bargaining units and the student associations also attended.

The sessions provided attendees with tools that will improve engagement and communication as Charting the Future work continues to move forward. Attendees had an opportunity to work together as a campus team and to interact with colleagues from across the system. Teams also had a chance to debrief at the end of the workshop, to share key take-aways, and to identify the key learnings they will be sharing with campus colleagues and leadership.

A listing of workshop sessions and accompanying materials follows.

Your Brain on Change – presented by Dr. Erika Garms

CTF team initiative overview

Identifying shared interests – presented by Jessica Shryack & Todd Thorsgaard

Leading stakeholders through change – presented by Jeannette Grace, MA

Organizational Change Models and Change Readiness – presented by Dr. Michael Mills

Chancellor Rosenstone’s remarks

Interview design exercise report-out notes – Next steps and reflections

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