Coordinating Committee

Purpose:  The Coordinating Committee will advise on Charting the Future priorities and provide guidance on opportunities to increase engagement around the work plan.

Jim Anderson, co-chairMinnesota State University MoorheadMSUAASF
Ron Anderson, co-chairAcademic & Student AffairsAdministration
Mark CarlsonHuman ResourcesAdministration
Matthew ClayMinnesota State University, MankatoMMA
Jennifer FoleySt. Cloud State UniversityMAPE
Jim GrabowskaMinnesota State University, MankatoIFO
Issac JahrausNormandale Community CollegeMSCSA
Elsbeth HoweMinnesota State University Student AssociationMSUSA
Jerry JeffriesMinnesota State University, MankatoMAPE
Dylan KellyMinneapolis Community and Technical CollegeMSCSA
Laura KingFinance & FacilitiesAdministration
Doug KnowltonMetropolitan State UniversityAdministration
Kevin LindstromAnoka Technical CollegeMSCF
Barbara McDonaldNorth Hennepin Community CollegeAdministration
Minda NelsonCentury CollegeMSCSA
Ann OlsenMinnesota State Community and Technical CollegeAFSCME
Scott OlsonWinona State UniversityAdministration
Ramon PadillaInformation Technology ServicesAdministration
Kevin ParkerAnoka-Ramsey Community CollegeMSCSA
Deidra PeasleeAnoka-Ramsey Community CollegeAdministration
Tracy RahimWinona State UniversityMSUAASF
Jim RiceRidgewater CollegeMMA
Valerie RobertsMinnesota State University, MankatoAFSCME
Kimberly ThielenSt. Cloud Technical CollegeMSCSA

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September 30, 2016 – Coordinating Committee meeting

On September 30, 2016, the Coordinating Committee met.  Meeting materials below: Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda – 9/30/2016 2016-2017 Coordinating Committee Charge Document September 30, Meeting Synthesis
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January 28, 2016 – Coordinating Committee Meeting

The Coordinating Committee met on January 28, 2016.  Meeting materials below: 2016-01-28-coordinating-committee-agenda-vf 2016-01-29-january-leadership-council-ctf-discussion coordinating-committee-minutes-draft-1_28_2016 transfer-pathways_bot_presentation_jan-2016-final transferpathwaysbrochure_print  
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December 9, 2015 – Coordinating Committee Meeting

The Coordinating Committee met on December 5, 2015.  Meeting materials below: 2015-12-09-coordinating-committee-synthesis-vf 2015-12-09-coordinating-committee-agenda-vf
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