Why Chart the Future?

What is the reason we, as a system, are working on the Charting the Future effort? What is the value of all of this work? Aren’t we all already busy enough providing a quality experience for our students?

It true that our colleges and universities are diligently committed to students; yet our ability to sustain that committment is at risk. We must address the challenges that may weaken educational quality and our ability to deliver on our commitments.

Challenges Facing Minnesota Public Higher Education

  • Funding shifts that threaten quality, access, and affordability;
  • Increasing competition that affects enrollments in our degree programs, customized training and continuing education;
  • Population shifts in which a larger share of Minnesotans are moving to a handful of metropolitan areas; and
  • Threats to our authority to govern.

Emerging Trends Create Opportunities

  • Dramatic growth in the diversity of the students we serve;
  • Growth in the number of students enrolled in multiple colleges and universities within our system;
  • Changes in technology that create new opportunities for how students can learn, how we can teach and support their learning, and how we can work together;
  • The changing nature of work and what it means to be well prepared for jobs and careers; and
  • The growing need for us to demonstrate the capabilities of our graduates.

Now is the time for transformative change. The eight implementation teams are considering ways to maximize our collective strengths, increase access and affordability, better serve students, and remain effective stewards of our resources, while sustaining the value and quality of our programs.

For additional background on this project, read the complete Charting the Future Report.