Teams Review Gallery Walk Feedback

Student Success Team

The focus of the Student Success Team over the last few months was to analyze the data gathered during the 39 Gallery Walks and 16 Focus Groups. At the Dec. 17 in-person meeting, we focused on feedback from the campus Gallery Walks. On Jan. 9, the Student Success team reviewed some broader student success data from IPEDS and MNSCU and began to work on the data gathered from the online Gallery Walk data as well as feedback submitted to and from MAPE. We continued to review and analysis at our Jan. 30 in-person meeting, which will include some collaborative planning time with the Information Technology Systems Design Team.

The focus of our Feb. 20 WebEx meeting will be a summary report from the data gathered in the 16 focus groups. We will work with this data in more detail at our March 5 in-person meeting. The focus of our April and May meetings will be to gather any additional information that we need from subject matter experts, and then to develop initiatives for consideration to the Steering Committee.

System Incentives and Rewards Team

The System Incentives and Rewards Team reviewed preliminary Gallery Walk data at the Dec. 19 team meeting, which included both open-ended comments and dot voting. The team broke into two smaller teams to review feedback on Proposed Concept 1 (financial model) and Proposed Concept 4 (HR model).  The team also reviewed comments.

Some of the questions asked during the meeting were: Which initiatives and concepts were most popular based on Gallery Walk feedback? Was there feedback that was surprising? How do the open-ended comments track with the dot voting?  How do they differ? What kind of analysis is being done on the data? When will we see the data categorized along with some analysis?     Based on the feedback, each team developed a major initiative idea to be further developed at the January meeting. A key idea that came out of both groups was the importance of balancing the use of standard principles and processes across campuses while maintaining campus autonomy, flexibility and unique local cultures.

Comprehensive Workplace Solutions Team

The Comprehensive Workplace Solutions Team members will reviewed the feedback received from the Charting the Future Gallery Walks and discussed during the Jan. 29 in-person meeting. Preliminary feedback has been shared and discussed at prior meetings, but the team decided to wait until all feedback has been submitted to begin full analysis.

Diversity Team

The Diversity Team spent extensive time during our December and January meetings reviewing feedback from the fall Gallery Walks, the responses, and from MAPE.   We are currently working on revisions to our four concepts based on the feedback we’ve received.  We will be spending time during our Feb. 10 meeting reviewing the final report from OERG and continuing to consider feedback.  Members of the Diversity Team will be meeting with the Student Success Team on March 5 for an in-person meeting to review and discuss areas of overlap and collaboration.

For the rest of spring semester, the Diversity Team will be developing draft implementation plans for our concepts.  We also plan to conduct research on additional topics that have emerged from the feedback.

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    • Mary Jacobson

      Yes! All the Gallery Walk feedback will be viewable here, on the blog, by the end of February. It will be possible to sort and filter comments by various elements, e.g. institution, affiliation, team/concept.