Team Reports

Implementation teams wrapped up their work on June 30, 2015.  Each team submitted a report which included key initiatives, next steps, and other considerations.  The teams reports are available below.


Charting the Future Recommendation #1 – Dramatically increase the success of all learners, especially those in diverse populations traditionally underserved by higher education

Student Success team report
Diversity team report
Student Success-Diversity joint team report

Charting the Future Recommendation #2 – Develop a collaborative and coordinated academic planning process that advances affordability, transferability, and access to our programs and services across the state.

Academic Planning & Collaboration team report

Charting the Future Recommendation #3 – Certify student competencies and capabilities, expand pathways to accelerate degree completion through credit for prior learning, and foster the award of competency-based credit and degrees.

Competency Certification & Credit for Prior Learning team report

Charting the Future Recommendation #4 – Expand the innovative use of technology to deliver high quality online courses, strengthen classroom instruction and student services, and provide more individualized learning and advising.

Education Technology team report

Charting the Future Recommendation #5 – Work together under new models to be the preferred provider of comprehensive workplace solutions through programs and services that build employee skills and solve real-world problems for communities and businesses across the state.

Comprehensive Workplace Solutions team report

Charting the Future Recommendation #6 – Redesign our financial and administrative models to reward collaboration, drive efficiencies, and strengthen our ability to provide access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans.

System Incentives & Rewards team report
Information Technology Systems Design team report